I’m a graphic artist by profession. I’m currently semi-retired in doing graphic arts and now pursuing photography and high end retouching.

I’m also a member of IdN Club Philippines, the first digital arts club of the Philippines; since 2006. I have won a number of awards from the group namely Members Choice of the Month, two time Artist of the Month, Print Artist of the Month and Digital Artist of the Year in 2006. I have also been contributing artworks for exhibits for IdN Club’s Digital Outbreak in 2006, IdN Digital Explosion 2007, HP Philippines Indigo Post Drupa Night 2008, IPO and NCCA’s Right Protect/Protecting Creative Artistic Expression in the Digital Environment in 2008, MPPC’s Discover the World of Women in 2008 and Graphic Expo 2006 to 2013.

In 2006, I started an independent e-magazine called Pixels Manila. It featured Filipino digital artists from around the world and their wonderful artworks in 3d, vector art, digital illustration, 2d art, photomontage and digital artworks. It also had digital art news, tutorials and updates on trends in the digital art world. The last issue was published in 2008.

I started holding a camera in high school, around early 90s, a 110 film camera. I got my first SLR camera in 2005, a second hand N65 from a coworker, who is now a well known photographer. After 2 or 3 years I bought my first DSLR, film was getting expensive and so is having them printed, attended workshops, looked at tons of magazines, read books and experimented a lot.

Some of my photos were used in articles on, Babynet, Kids Focus Magazine US, Trademark Express US, online recipes and by Glenda Watson Hyatt while promoting her Book Tour. Some were also published on Sprout Magazine, Imag Photography Magazine and Manila Bulletins Picture Perfect column.

I have also won some photo awards on, a couple of Staff Choice awards and Peoples Choice Awards, some trifectas and peer awards. And also on, getting into some top % of the day, week, month and year awards.

I’m interested in advertising,commercial and portraiture work.

If you would like to create images with me or work with me, you may send a message/s at: